Our Original N0.1

3 perfectly paired ingredients flawlessly blended: Fruity and discreet notes of lemon juice, gently energizing mint leaves, and a pinch of cane sugar to create one of the world’s most delightful thirst-quenchers.

The Collection

3 added flavours to sway the senses in new directions. To the Original No.1, we have added the right balance of

Lavender flowers, evoking a romantic blushing sky

Green Tea leaves, evoking a forest lulled by the sound of waves

Cinnamon flavour, evoking the joy of kids running while sucking on candy canes

Limonana is so unique that your mouth will naturally exclaim a WOW! of surprise.


To offer the best, because we care!

Each and every ingredient composing Limonana Organic Beverages is chosen with care, each comes from a natural and reputable source, and each is certified organic and certified kosher by internationally recognised organisations. We then appraise them for their aroma, flavor and potency, and we filter our water before infusing them. This long process that demands rigor and consistency is part of our pride.

Our Nutrition Facts say it all: Simple ingredients, no additive, no colorant, no conservative agent.

The pasteurization process and the glass bottles guarantee we retain the full nature of our ingredients; glass remaining the best, non-porous and most sustainable material. To bottle in glass ensures there is no seeping of bacteria or other elements through the walls, which could alter the content.

Limonana Organic Beverages offer a new type of infusion that is much lighter and less sugary than the majority of pops and sodas. It is not carbonated, a process that has been proven to contribute to the erosion of dental enamel. It does not contain any caffeine, theine, kombucha, or artificial flavour, making Limonana Organic Beverages a better treat for any member of the family.

Our 4 flavours can be chilled or heated, this is why we call it a 4 Seasons beverage!