Limonana... a Love Story

Limonana is a love story between Véronique and her exotic travels. A subtle mix of fresh and natural ingredients great for digestion, to enjoy cold or heated.  A treat for the whole family for all seasons and any occasion.

Limonana est une histoire d’amour née de l’imagination voyageuse de Véronique. Un mélange subtil d’ingrédients frais et naturels qui facilite la digestion et se boit froid ou chaud en toute saison, en toute occasion et par toute la famille. 


As Limonana is the brainchild of Chef Véronique (nicknamed Gogo), creator and manager of the famed and respected French café “Crêpes à GoGo” in Toronto, sampling and sales were first introduced through her establishment ( 

Véronique started bottling Limonana in 2006 and soon Pusateri, Whole Foods, Fiesta Farms, Harbord Bakery and many more retailers, restaurants, yoga studios and health food stores followed suit. A healthy star was born!

Limonana is now proudly sold and served at many locations in Canada. Make sure you always get the original, not the imitations! Our web address is on our bottles.

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An idea, a dream, a passion.  Family travels drinking mint tea in Moroccan homes and markets; Refreshing and exotic water infused with nana* mixed with lemon in Israeli shuks and on beaches.  The sun, the warmth, the cool and soothing tastes of pure mint leaves and thirst-quenching lemony water.  Such is Véronique’s inspiration. She would blend and filter her homemade Limonana with lemon juice, mint leaves and just the right level of delicate sweetness, before the very eyes of her customers in her café.

Cooking is the art of achieving balance to please the palate, the soul and the digestive system.  Véronique is seriously claiming that Balance and Love are the main ingredients she infuses in her food and in her Limonana while adding the mint, the lemon and the cane juice. The result is a very subtle note of lemon, blended with a bright base of delicate mint accents. Nothing compares!

“Achieving balance to please!”

*nana = “mint” in Hebrew and Arabic

Every season

Gogo’s Limonana can be enjoyed at room temperature, warmed up with or without added cinnamon, or chilled on its own.  You can also add gin, vodka or rum. A variety of tastes according to your mood and to the season.

Every member of the family

Limonana fans are ranging from toddlers to seniors.  We are proudly declaring that  Limonana contains little sweetness and is therefore a healthy alternative to all the sugar-laden waters with coloured flavours (they call juice) and pops on the market. Take a closer look... you'll be amazed!

Every reason

Some like it to soothe their cold, their sore throat or their digestion.  Others quench their thirst. Many enjoy Limonana at BBQ's and cocktail parties with added vodka, gin or rum. Some even create their own recipes with it. The choices are yours!