Trusted since 2006, Gogo’s LIMONANA has become
a staple beverage in many households.

Fresh mint, bright lemon, and just a hint of cane juice, Limonana is a delicious and refreshing beverage unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

With Mediterranean roots, Limonana’s unique balance of mint and lemon brings surprise at first sip, followed by immediate delight! Unlike one-note, sugary lemonade, Limonana is wonderfully complex, with just the right amount of subtle sweetness. The unique taste is not what the North American palate is used to, but once you try it you’ll be exclaiming “ooh la la” and wishing you had discovered it sooner!

Limonana is made from all-natural organic ingredients, is kosher, and is loved by children and adults alike. Delicious served either cold or hot; equally welcome on a warm summer’s day or on a chilly winter’s night. Try Limonana by purchasing from one of our retailers today; it’ll leave you with a smooth minty fresh tingle on your tongue and a smile on your face! À votre santé!